Sugar - the Some Like It Hot musical

29th April - 4th May 2019


Based on the classic 1959 film, this sizzling comedy musical premiered in 1972 and features songs by the classic Broadway tunesmith, Jule Styne.

Two unemployed musicians, bass player Jerry and saxophone player Joe, inadvertently witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. To escape the gangsters, they dress as women and join an all-female band about to leave town for an engagement at a Miami Beach hotel. Complications arise when Joe (as Josephine) falls in love with beautiful band singer, Sugar, and Jerry (as Daphne) finds himself pursued by wealthy and elderly Osgood Fielding. Total chaos erupts when the gangsters descend upon the hotel and realize who Josephine and Daphne really are!

Production Officials

Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director    Tim Power
Choreographer Lara Syddall


Sweet Sue  Vicki Wilson  
Sugar Kane Adrienne Wormald   
Bienstock David Witt
Joe/Josephine    Steve Benson
Jerry/Daphne David Wilson
Spats Palazzo Andrew Turton
Sir Osgood Fielding Mike Taylor
Knuckles Alan Moss
1st Hood Rob Slater
2nd Hood David Perks
3rd Hood Paul Duckworth
Dude Joe Davies
Olga Michelle Foster
Dolores Julie Ogden
Mary Lou Steph Kay
Rosella Issie Lowe
Bobbie Lauren Heyes-Mullan
Dixie Sue Cliffe
Marilyn Pauline Wray
Cindy Val Greenhalgh


Sweet Sue's Society Syncopaters
Jane Bickerstaffe, Beverley Charlson, Barbara Martin, Ruth Prescott, Eileen Reeves, Maria Sharrocks, Joyce Walters

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