Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

28th October - 2nd November 2024

On the exotic French Riviera, smooth-talking con man Lawrence Jameson makes his lavish living by charming rich, single ladies out of their money. Freddy Benson is a hustler with a much more basic approach, swindling gullible women with emotional lies about his ailing grandmother. When the two men meet, Freddy is greedy for Lawrence's spectacular lifestyle and they initially agree to work together. But their egos soon clash and only one con artist can prevail: the first to cheat naive heiress Christine Colgate out of $50,000 wins while the loser must leave town. The two men pull out all the stops to outdo each other in an increasingly hilarious battle, but who will win the fortune, and possibly the heart, of poor Christine?

Based on the 1988 film starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin, this sophisticated, suave and hysterical musical features a delightfully jazzy score and was nominated for a staggering 11 Tony Awards.

Production Officials

DirectorNora Howcroft
Musical DirectorCath Hilton
ChoreographerLara Syddall


A Company of ALL ages is required for ‘DRS’. Before auditioning for the two main male leads, please be sure that you can attend every setting call, as they are vital to the plot and therefore an integral part of the musical and all rehearsals.

REMINDER: Annual subscriptions must be paid before auditioning. You will not be allowed to audition if you have not paid your subs. 



Playing Age 50 (ish), British, elegant and impeccably dressed. The master Dirty Rotten Scoundrel who is capable of a believable Viennese accent (Dr Emil Shuffhausen). A brilliant fraudster, suave, debonair con artist. Classy and consistently amusing. He feels Freddy is giving him and all con men a  bad name – he sets out to ‘clear out’, - his rival and keep the Riviera and its unsuspecting tourist to himself. Finally the Spanish Don Alahambra.

DIALOGUE: Pages 1 + 13, 14-15 and 18-20

Page 45 and 57–59

As Dr Shuffhausen – Pages 76-77

As Don Diego Fernando Alahambra Page 140

VOCALS: No.2 ‘What They Want’ to bar 52 and No.16A ‘The More We Dance’



Playing Age 30. American, attractive. The almost ‘trainee’ of the master. A small time con man sleazing his way through Europe on whatever handouts he can scam. He is helped by Lawrence to spruce up his talent and his wardrobe. It becomes apparent that the Riviera isn’t big enough for them both, they make a winner takes all wager over the future of a naïve American Soap heiress. He ‘acts’ Ruprecht, brother of Lawrence – a mad Prince, and Sergeant ‘Fred Benson’, or Buzz, in a wheelchair.

DIALOGUE: Pages 11-14, and 18-19

As Ruprecht Pages 45-46

As Buzz Page 64 (from ‘Thank you, but I’d really…’) and pages 65-66

Pages 104, 109-110

VOCALS: No.5 ‘Great Big Stuff’ to bar 34 and No.17 ‘Love Is My Legs’ to bar 25



A Frenchman, another ‘Scoundrel’. He happens to be in ‘on the act’ with Lawrence. In order to give himself an extra ‘pay off’ from his main job as the Chief of Police in the town of Beaumont Sur Mer.

DIALOGUE: Pages 6-7, 9-10 and 23-24

VOCALS: No.15 ‘Like Zis, Like Zat’ to bar 36



Playing Age 29. An Heiress from Ohio. Loaded. Known as ‘The American Soap Queen’ – actually the real Jackal.

DIALOGUE: Page 64 (from ‘Pardon me, are you alright?’), and 65-66

Pages 92-94, page 99, Pages 126-128 and 139-141

VOCALS: No.’10 Here I Am’ to bar 36 and No.11 ‘Nothing Is Too Wonderful’ to bar 37



An extremely wealthy and attractive American of Omaha, Nebraska. Eminently corruptible and a willing infidel. A woman of many parts.

DIALOGUE: Pages 20-21, 50-52, 84-87 and 88-90

VOCALS: No.3 ‘What Was A Woman To Do’ to bar 29 and No.15 ‘Like Zis, Like Zat’ bar 56 to 67



Yet another wealthy, glamourous woman from Oklahoma. She’s 31 and been married.

DIALOGUE: Pages 36-40 and 44-45

VOCALS: No.7 ‘Oklahoma’ to bar 35


Other roles which can double as ensemble

Renee Pages 11-13
Conductor Pages 10-11 and Pages 18-19 (Good French accent required)
Croupier Page 5, Page 7, Page 64 (Good French accent required)
Sailors Pages 97
Lenora (woman 1) Page 1 No.2B ‘What They Want’ bar 18-30
Sophie (woman 2) Page 1 No. 2B ‘What They Want’ bar 18-30
Woman 3 No.3 ‘What Was A woman To Do’ bar 62 -73
Woman 4 No.3 ‘What Was A woman To Do’ bar 62 -73
Waiter Page 11
Holy Sister No.8A Church (top line)
Hotel Manager Page 54
Maid (Various bits of business) Page 66
Gerard (A Large Man) No dialogue, only presence
Usherette Page 17 No.3 ‘What Was A woman To Do’ bar 78 – 85
Bellboy Page 73
Porter (various entrances & important business) Page 113
Nikos Passalopolos A Greek, man of few words
Female & Male dancers AUDITION DANCE TO BE SET ‘HERE I AM’
DANCERS VOCAL No.2B What They Want bar 18-30
VOCAL No.2B What They Want bar 18-30



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