9 to 5 - The Musical

30th October - 4th November 2023

9 To 5 The Musical is based on the hit 1980 movie starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. With “fresh and original” songs by Dolly Parton, this Grammy- and Tony-nominated 2008 musical was described by critics as “a triumph”.

Pushed to the boiling point, three female co-workers concoct a plan to get even with their sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigoted boss, Franklin Hart Jr., CEO of Consolidated Industries. In an hilarious turn of events, Violet, Judy and Doralee live out their wildest fantasy - giving their boss the boot! While Hart is accidentally incapacitated,  the women give their workplace a dream makeover, taking control of the company and improving productivity in the process!

Production Officials

Nora Howcroft
Musical Director
Cath Hilton
Lara Syddall


Violet NewsteadVicki Wilson
Doralee RhodesOlivia O'Connell
Judy BernlyLauren Carroll
Frankin Hart Jr.David Wilson
Roz KeithEileen Reeves
JoeOliver Hall
DwayneDavid Seager
JoshMatthew Shallicker
MissyCatherine Hall
MariaKathryn Nuttall
DickMichael Chesterfield
KathyTeresa Harper
MargaretJo Whitaker
Bob EnrightDave McGreavy
TinsworthyDavid Witt
DetectiveJulie Ogden
DoctorCatherine Hall
Candy StriperZoe Pollitt
New EmployeeGill Pollitt

Beverly Charlson, Michael Chesterfield, Sue Cliffe, Gill Clough, Nina Dickinson, Val Greenhalgh, Molly Hadfield, Oliver Hall, David McGreavy, Zoe Pollitt, David Seager, Nicola Shallicker, Matthew Shallicker, Maria Sharrocks, David Witt

Photographs by Moya Welding

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Reviews & Articles


You can't escape the presence of Dolly Parton in this musical version of the 1980 movie in which she co-starred. Not only has she written all the songs, but her name dominates the publicity and her prerecorded image tops and tails the production and even launches the final chorus. Adapted from the beloved 1980 movie, Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 tells the story of three female office workers who come together to revolt against their misogynistic boss. 

The movie was certainly progressive for its time, tackling social issues centring around sexism females face in the workplace. The musical is still set in the 1980s and it still does justice in carrying the message of female empowerment. 

Director Nora Howcroft has assembled a talented cast and crew and pulls off a polished production. 

Vicki Wilson leads the cast with an excellent performance of Violet Newstead delivering a fabulous portrayal of the character whilst demonstrating her brilliant vocals. Lauren Carroll plays Judy Bernly and really shines in the role, nailing every funny moment and excelling vocally. Olivia O'Connell completes the trio as Doralee Rhodes who, again, performs each of the show's numbers brilliantly, conveying the American southern drawl convincingly. Great work from the trio. 

David Wilson plays the boss, Franklin Hart, with great comedic timing especially during his fabulous performance of Here For You. Eileen Reeves plays Roz Keith to perfection, she absolutely makes the character her own, excelling in each of the comedic scenes alongside Hart. Oliver Hall was excellent as Joe, a smallish role but really made an impact, well done. 

Great work from the ensemble cast who were all integral to the show and each delivering polished performances. Great work from them all. 

There are plenty of full ensemble songs throughout the show, which Lara Syddall's well executed choreography complements as does the musical direction by Cath Hilton. 

This is an unapologetically period-piece with plenty of gags and a revenge story that's too good to be true but this musical featuring great vocals and music by Parton will have you humming the signature tune on your way home. 

Runs until Saturday. 

Jason Crompton

NODA North West

On a cold wet rainy day in Bolton, Walmsley Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society had the right tonic putting on Dolly Parton’s Musical 9 to 5 set in the offices of Consolidated Industries. Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton and Book by Patricia Resnick.

The composite set with desks on wheels for easy movement. The back cloth was an horizon of skyscrapers and virtual clock top centre, that was then used to project Dolly Parton herself giving a prologue and epilogue about the show. Stage Right was Hart Jr’s office with bookcase, desk with large picture of himself. Ladders and large Chesterfield filled the space. Stage Left was another settee. The cast helped moved the set which helped with the flow.  Stage Crew Anne Cocking, Nora Howcroft, David McGreavy, Gill Pollitt. Lida West and Janet Witt. Stage Manager John West. Properties by Anne and John Cocking. Sound was unobtrusive as it should be by Lea Royse and Elodie Perrier. The lighting worked well and I liked the uplighters at the back of the stage, which gave atmospheric lighting when needed. Lighting by Norman Bowers and Nathan Emmison. Costumes all looked good set in the pre-contemporary period. Wardrobe by Eileen Reeves.

Lara Syddall choreographs, while it is not an all-out dancing show the dream type sequence of the three girls Judy, Doralee and Violet was full of energy as were the Company numbers. Cath Hilton as Musical Director takes us through the score and the well-known 9 to 5 number. Nora Howcroft directs and the comedy is definitely brought out and executed well. The story of misogyny at its height and the empowerment of women emerging: if they stick together, they can achieve is the through line. What is scary is, it is still relevant in today’s society. The piece is oddly liberating and definitely has the feel-good factor.

The 27 strong cast has well defined characters and at some point, all had their comedy moments. Loved the lady in the hospital scene in the dressing gown and stick wandering around lost.  Jo Whitaker played the “Likes a drink” Margaret. The dream sequence was very funny and worked well. Michael Chesterfield played Dick. Kathryn Nuttall as Maria gave great energy on stage. Catherine Hall played Missy/Doctor. Teresa Harper played Kathy. Julie Ogden played Detective. David Seager played the supportive husband Dwayne. Matthew Shallicker usually in the Youth Group played Josh Violet’s son.

Oliver Hall played the awkward toyboy Joe in love with Violet. Loved the performance of Let Love Grow. Eileen Reeves played Roz Keith, the hidden dominatrix secretly in love with her boss. The Song Heart To Heart was very entertaining with great comedy acting thrown in. David Wilson played Franklin Hart Jr the boss everyone gets to hate (apart from Roz). Creepy and not p.c. – as intended - acting out his lust over Doralee with just that edge of discomfort.  Last seen being escorted off by Bob.

The three female leads played by Lauren Carroll as Judy recently separated and clueless in the work stakes. Olivia O’Connell played Doralee Rhodes, larger than life characters says it how it is but a heart of gold. Vicki Wilson played Violet Newstead – a single mum far more capable than her boss and looked over every time. The character Judy arriving, the office gossip about Doralee and the rude boss all sets off a chain of events, making the women firm friends. There was a great rapport between them and three very distinct characters forming a friendship really worked. Each having their moment when dreaming up how to get rid of Hart. Dance Of Death Judy and Company in glitzy evening dresses. Cowgirls’ Revenge Doralee and Company in cowboy/girl outfits and Potion Notion was Violet and Company as Snow White and friends. I Just Might Make It had lovely harmonies. And I appreciated the ode to Charlie’s Angels with the gun pose at the end.  A real feel good show and Walmsley must be delighted with the audience reaction. Thank you for the invite from my guest Angela and I.

Liz Hume-Dawson


WINNER Best Director of a Musical NODA District 5 Nora Howcroft 
NOMINATION Best Musical Director NODA District 5 Cath Hilton
NOMINATION Best Leading Female Character in a Musical NODA District 5 Olivia O'Connell
NOMINATION Best Leading Female Character in a Musical NODA District 5 Lauren Carroll
NOMINATION Best Leading Female Character in a Musical NODA District 5 Vicki Wilson
NOMINATION    Best Male Comedy Character NODA District 5    David Wilson
NOMINATION Best Supporting Female Character in a Musical    NODA District 5 Eileen Reeves
NOMINATION Best Male Character Youth in an Adult Production NODA District 5 Matthew Shallicker
NOMINATION Best Staging NODA District 5  
NOMINATION Best Musical NODA District 5