Guys and Dolls

25th - 30th April 2022


Considered by many to be the perfect musical comedy, Guys and Dolls is based on the tales of Damon Runyan and set in 1950s New York.

Gambler Nathan Detroit is trying to set up the biggest craps game in New York, while avoiding the authorities and his long-time fiancee, Miss Adelaide. Fellow gambler Sky Masterson might help, but he's got his eye on straight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown. Packed with great tunes, including "Luck Be A Lady Tonight", "A Bushel And A Peck" and "Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat", Guys and Dolls is a toe-tapping treat.

Production Officials

Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director    Tim Power
Assistant Musical Director    Tom Bowes
Choreographer Lara Syddall


Nicely Nicely Johnson Joe Davies
Benny Southstreet Alan Moss
Rusty Charlie David Witt
Sarah Brown Adrienne Wormald
Arvide Abernathy David Reeves
Agatha Eileen Reeves
Harry the Horse Keith Shatwell
Lt Brannigan Robert Peters
Nathan Detroit David Wilson
Miss Adelaide Vicki Wilson
Sky Masterson Steve Benson
Mimi Teresa Harper
General Matilda B Cartwright Julie Ogden
Big Jule Carl Bottomley


Hot Box Girls
Lauren de Jager, Nina Dickinson, Teresa Harper, Kathryn Nuttall, Janet Richardson, Nicola Shallicker
Bev Charlson, Gill Clough, Linda Hardy, Dorothy Jones, Barbara Martin, David McGreavey, Maria Sharrocks, Janet Smith

Photographs by John Tustin & Katie Ball

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Reviews and articles


Guys and Dolls is one of those musicals that still has staying power and I had forgotten just how many well-known tunes were in it including ‘Luck Be A Lady Tonight', 'Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat' and 'If I Were A Bell' to name a few.  For those who don’t know, the story is about Nathan Detroit an organiser of an illegal crap game in New York. With the cops on his trail, Detroit must find a new venue for his game and needs some capital to pay for it. So, he makes a bet with master gambler Sky Masterson that he cannot make the next girl he sees fall in love with him. The very next girl just happens to be Miss Sarah Brown, the leader of a local Salvation Army reform group and without giving too much away, Sky falls in love with Sarah.

This production was due to happen in early 2020 but a certain pandemic got in the way. However, Director Nora Howcroft, Musical Director Tim Power (assisted by Tom Bowes) and Choreographer Lara Sydall have put together a toe tapping show that was worth the wait.

Steve Benson as the cool Sky Masterson was excellent as was Adrienne Wormald as Sarah Brown – their number ‘I’ll know’ was one of the show's highlights.

David Wilson as Nathan Detroit was excellent, providing a more comical version of the character than I’d seen before which worked well against Vicki Wilson as the marvellous Miss Adelaide.  Great performances from them both.

Joe Davies as Nicely-Nicely was in great voice and provided us with another high point, the ever-popular 'Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat' - wonderful performance.

Alan Moss as Benny, David Witt as Rusty, David Reeves as Arvide, Keith Shatwell as Harry, Robert Peters as Brannigan, Carl Bottomley as Big Jule, Eileen Reeves as Agatha, Julie Ogden as Cartwright and Theresa Harper as Mimi all gave great support as did every member of the supporting cast and company. 

It’s good to have live local theatre back so if you fancy a show to get those toes tapping, then get down to Walmsley Church Hall.

Runs until Saturday

Jason Crompton